How to Use Instagram for Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr

3 Easy Steps for Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr...

Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr

Promoting logo design on Fiverr is necessary. After all, competition is rife and everyone could do with knowing how to get more sales on Fiverr. In fact, I suspect that logo design is not only one of the best selling category on the platform, but now also one of the hardest in which to get noticed.

For this reason, you might be interested in some “guerilla tactics” and how you can use Instagram in particular to find more buyers for Fiverr.

But wait….why do I specifically refer to logo design?

Why Instagram is Perfect for Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr

Firstly, Instagram is all about visuals and this makes it an obvious choice for promoting logo design on Fiverr. However, the emphasis of interaction on Instagram also means that it’s much easier than the likes of Facebook to chat with other users.

After all, have you noticed how little anyone comments on Facebook these days?


How exactly do you go about using Instagram for promoting logo design on Fiverr?

3 Easy Steps for Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr

Promoting Logo Design on Fiverr

Here’s five steps to using this platform to find more buyers for your gigs. As you will see, these are very straightforward steps but the truth is, 95% of sellers don’t put them into practice:

1. Posting Logo’s Everyday

Consistency is key to success on Instagram. However, as a designer, you should have many samples from working with logo design on Fiverr, right?

So…every time you deliver a gig, post this logo to your instagram page. You should do this at least 3 or 4 times per day and use your feed as a flagship for your work.

2. Click into Other User Profiles

This is where the magic happens and it’s all about number. In other words, just keep on doing this step until you get traction/replies.

Simply click into the profile of other users who have a logo as their profile photo. If the logo is not especially nice, leave a comment on some of their posts. Then, on their most recent post, leave an offer to upgrade their logo for a special price. Most people are still unaware of Fiverr and will think that $5 – 15 is an incredible price.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2

The truth is, this process is all about numbers. If you repeat steps one and two over and over, you will eventually get more sales. As a result, this will give all the right signals to Fiverr and improve your gig rankings. Trust me, you will eventually get so much business that you won’t even need social media for promoting logo design on Fiverr.


I know that some sellers will ask; “why promote my Fiverr profile when I can use Paypal or some other payment method and not have to pay 20% to Fiverr?”

Because you want to be a top Fiverr seller and this means playing by the rules. Also, by focusing on your Fiverr gig only, you are more likely to bring a new customer to a platform that most buyers are more likely to trust.

Either way, I hope you found some value in this post and wish you the best of luck with logo design on Fiverr!


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