5 Best Free Tools for Freelancers That Actually Work

free tools for freelancers

The best free tools for freelancers often fall somewhat short in terms of quality. That is to say, many websites or apps tend to offer free versions of a product only to request a fee for a much superior version that will actually work.

In my time as a digital nomad, I have tested many free tools for freelancers. Some of these were decent but in many instances, I stopped using them for one reason or another.

But you know what?

I have also found some pretty damn fantastic free tools for freelancers. What’s more, these tools have also stood the test of time and seem even more relevant today than ever before.

5 Best Free Tools for Freelancers

Quick Answer: Best Free Tools for Freelancers

Best Free Tool for Notetaking/Organiser – OneNote by Microsoft

Best Free Tool for Task Management System – Trello

Best Free Tool for Infographics – Snappa

Best Free Tool for Invoicing Software – And Co

Best Freel Tool for Budgeting – YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Best Free Tool for Notetaking and Organizing

1. Microsoft OneNote

One of the major turning points in my freelance career was when I first heard about a book called “Getting Things Done”. According to David Allen, the key to getting stuff done and productivity in general was to write everything down.

Simply put, writing things down will get everything out of your head and allow you to think my clearly. It actually works but OneNote was one of the free tools for freelancers that made this possible for me.

Best Free Tool for Managing Tasks

Another Free Tools for Freelancers

2. Trello

Before Trello came along, my priorities and “things to do” were all over the place. However, for the past two years I have been using Trello to organise my daily and weekly tasks. That being said, I also use this platform to manage my projects too which makes Trello one of my most used free tools for freelancers.

Best Free Tool for Infographics

Snappa advert

3. Snappa

I love Snappa. With so much free stock photography, templates and designs, I initially thought to myself “this is too good to be true” but Snappa is the real deal. You can use Snappa for creating infographics but also thumbnails, website images, YouTube covers, Instagram – you name it.


Snappa only permits users to download 5 images per month but this is still enough for casual users. What’s more, the monthly fee for Snappa is less than ten dollars.

Best Free Tool for Invoicing

And Co from Fiverr

4. And.Co

And.Co is a recent acquisition of Fiverr and a very smart one, if you ask me. The platform focuses on organizing invoices and expenses for freelancers and small businesses. From invoicing and contracts to expense tracking and task management, this is a super helpful site that makes you want to start taking your freelance career more seriously.

Best Free Tool for Budgeting

YNAB for Freelancers

5. YNAB – You Need a Budget

In spite of the slightly obscure name, YNAB is already one of the best free tools for freelancers. In fact, even for such a simple app, the options are very flexible and complex.

I have been using YNAB for more than 18 months but they offer an extended period for trial users. Also, if you happen to be a blogger, they sometimes offer the tool entirely free.

And that’s it, in my opinion, these are five of the very best free tools for freelancers that actually work.

I just wish I could afford the paid options!


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