5 SEO Stats for 2019 That You Should Actually Know About

SEO Stats for 2019

Looking for some SEO stats for 2019? Great, I love stats!

You see, knowing SEO is great but I love when SEO stats back it up. In other words, the SEO landscape keeps changing and it’s important to stay on top of what works.

More specifically, it’s important to know what Google pays attention to the most. In fact, this is exactly why I start my SEO stats off with one about the big daddy of search engines.

Here are 5 SEO stats for 2019 worth knowing as we get closer to the new year:

5 SEO Stats for 2019 That You Should Know

Google Accounts for 94% of ALL Organic Traffic

According to recent studies, Google is responsible for 94% of ALL organic traffic.

Needless to say, your SEO efforts should be focused on Google. I used several SEO tools to keep on top of these efforts and Keywords Everywhere is a fantastic chrome extension that can help you track the best keywords as you go about your business online.

SEO stats for Google

Most First Page Results Contain More than 1,500 Words

Yes, long-form content is favoured by search engines and this is increasingly the case. In the recent Google Medic Update, the search engine also shows a preference for authority websites. Hence, if you are an authority on a particular topic, writing articles with more than *1,890 words will almost certainly give your content a boost on Google.

*Source: SEO stats 2019 by Backlinko

Long Tail Keywords
Image: Raven Tools

Half of Search Enquiries Have at Least Four Words

Wordstream studies that more than half of all search queries have at least for words.

That’s right, when a user types a search query into Google, they use four words or more.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that the SEO stats for 2019 tell a story and targeting long-tail keywords is not only more specific, but most likely more effective.


Marketers Are Mostly Focused on Improving SEO

Interestingly, more than 61% of professional marketers say that their primary focus is on improving their organic presence. In other words, marketers know that inbound marketing relies heavily on gaining traffic through search queries on Google.

Moral of the statistic: If the professionals are doing it….

SEO Stats for 2019

Most Users Ignore Paid Advertisements

In recent studies by Hubspot, between 70%-80% of online users are only interested in organic results. Furthermore, New Media Campaigns discovered that organic SEO efforts is 5.66 times more effective than paid search advertisements on any platform.

Bonus Deadly Content Tip: In the following video, Brian Dean of Backlink outlines a completely free method “The CTR Method” that you can use to improve SEO.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_6zAGJ-JO4[/embedyt]



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