Content Writer in Ireland Offering Discounts for Small Businesses

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I’m a full time content writer in Ireland. You might know that already. I write content on just about any topic and really enjoy anything related to marketing and business. That being said, I also enjoy researching health topics and piecing together unique articles that perform well on search engines. 

Either way, I want you to know that I am a reliable and talented content writer in Ireland. If you need further assurance, I can also provide samples of my work and point you in the direction of website copy that I have written.

Content Writer in Ireland With Discounts

Anyway, the point is, I can write about whatever you want me to write about. What’s more, I am experienced content writer in Ireland and when it comes to SEO, I know the importance of keyword placement. As if that’s not enough, I’m now offering a discount on my services for the next month.

You see, I have no shortage of customers right now. However, I do anticipate that things will start to slow down sooner or later due to the Coronavirus. Also, I realise this might be a good time to target new clients that might not be able to cover the cost of their usual writers who charge more than twice my current fees.

Fair enough?

Just so you know, I also know of a very competent SEO copywriting agency in Ireland, too – so don’t hesitate to ask for more details re same. For most articles, I can guarantee a quick turnaround. However, I do appreciate notice and prefer to produce articles on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Also, I accept payment in many forms and if you want to work with cryptocurrency, I will also consider Bitcoin as payment.

Got any questions?

Drop me a message.



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