How NOT to Choose a Shitty Username for Fiverr

Username for Fiverr

I want stop you from choosing a shitty username for Fiverr. I’m sick of them.

Frnkbu4z, Dolly5dt6, Jane S, Brow6s…….there’s just too many shitty usernames on Fiverr!!

You see, unfortunately for most sellers, they start out with a shitty username on Fiverr and much later, they realize that they could have branded what is now their full time job. In other words, they could have had a professional username or at least one that made sense.

What’s more, taking time to create the right name would have brought them significantly more traffic and more opportunities.

And the reason for that is because a catchy or clever username is most likely to grab the buyers’ attention. But just as importantly, people want to work with someone who took the time to create a sensible username. It shows intelligence and it’s also just a lot more fun!

How Not to Choose a Shitty Username for Fiverr

Think about it:

What business is going to want “JonsyX235” managing the blog for their company website?

He probably smokes more weed than he writes and I suspect he misses the odd deadline here or there.

On the other hand, “WriteNow” sounds like a potentially fun yet professional writing service. As if that’s not enough, it also sounds like someone you can trust to deliver that all-important content on time.

With this in mind, I highly recommend that you start brainstorming some names and try to use words that are relevant to what you do. If the word “shitty” is part of that equation, fantastic, it makes a lot more sense than Dolly5dt6 – especially if you provide a shitty service.


On a less serious note, you want to pick a username that will not restrict you in future.

For example, “LogoNow” is a pretty decent username for a logo designer. But what happens when they get logo-itis or incredibly bored of designing logos?

On the other hand, “DesignNow” sounds slightly more generic but this would at least allow the user to expand and scale their services in the future.

Shitty Username for Fiverr

How to Pick the Best Username for Fiverr

Here’s a few more tips to help you avoid picking a shitty username for Fiverr:

  1. Don’t pick a shitty username that’s hard to spell.
  2. Don’t be boring and don’t pick something generic or confusing.
  3. Don’t pick your actual name – unless you’re the most exciting person in the village.
  4. Don’t copy another username.
  5. Take your time – that way, you’ll have more time to realize it’s a shitty username.

The truth is, you want people to be able to spell and remember your name. Also, you want to make something that, when people see it, they instantaneously know what you do.

Finally, before you go all steam ahead, check to see if someone is already using the name on Fiverr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Because branding it important and Dolly5dt6 is a shitty username.


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