How to Get Your First Order on Fiverr


Are you wondering how to get your first order on Fiverr?

Getting your first order on Fiverr can be tricky for some sellers. In fact, this seems to be more difficult than ever with more and more new sellers joining the platform.

But does that mean you should give up? Obviously not.

And what you really need to know about how to get your first order on Fiverr is that the same process can be repeated to find even more customers in future.

The truth is, getting your first order on Fiverr is just to get the ball rolling and after that, things become an awful lot easier.

How to Get First Order on Fiverr

In case you might be asking yourself, it’s quite common for sellers to go several weeks waiting for the first order on Fiverr. In some cases, this can be down to bad luck but most often, the seller fails to see that there’s a process to getting that first order.

Firstly, let’s take a look at some key issues that sellers need to consider:

Fiverr Homepage

1. The Fiverr Profile Image

You need a profile image that the buyer can trust. See those generic images with tacky writing on them? Avoid. See the stock images or selfies of supermodels? Avoid.

Instead, choose a clear and real photograph with lots of pixels. In my opinion, headshots are the way forward and exactly what Fiverr wants you to upload.

Why do I think Fiverr likes headshots? Check out the homepage.

2. Excellent Gig Descriptions

Whatever you do, try to be unique and transparent in your gig description. Many sellers have poor grammar or spelling mistakes, which demonstrates nothing but carelessness.

Anyway, the best way to create a compelling gig description is by checking out the best sellers on Fiverr. As a rule, explain precisely what you will do and try not to come across as vague or unreliable in any way.

I wrote a post recently about how to write a gig description for Fiverr that sells so please feel free to use this as a guide to writing your own description.

3. Your Profile Bio

You need to know that your profile bio is important and buyers will always check this out – especially if they need convincing. Having a short and snappy bio can be a quick way to assure potential buyers and show them that you mean business.

If you need help writing a profile bio, check this out.

4. SEO and Keywords

In case you might be asking yourself, keywords are placed in your gig description to to tell Fiverr what you do. For example, if you offer logo design, you will need to have those actual words (“Logo design”) strategically placed in the gig description.

Also, make sure that you include a similar keyword in the gig title and profile bio.


Here’s how to get your first order on Fiverr….

How to Get First Order on Fiverr

Getting Your First Order on Fiverr

1. Target Users on Social Media

Simply put, without traffic, you will have no orders. For this reason, set out to find more traffic for your gig on social media. Needless to say, you can start by sharing this gig with friends but in the long terms, the following tactics are much better options:

Instagram – Follow entrepreneurs, website owners and business owners. Interact with these people in the comments but wait until at least two or three interactions before mentioning your Fiverr services.

Facebook – Join Digital Nomad groups on Facebook and let them know about your services. Digital Nomads are always on the look out for affordable services.

Linkedin – Use Linked Helper to automate how you contact other users. In one week on Linkedin, I managed to make five sales using this chrome extension

Pintrest – Most website owners use Pintrest to drive traffic for a reason and this reason also applies to getting traffic to your Fiverr gigs. Create pins and get dropping them on a daily basis.

2. Google Potential Buyers

Believe it or not, most business owners are still not familiar with Fiverr. For this reason, they end up spending a lot of money on many services that they could get at a huge discount on Fiverr.

With this in mind, start reaching out to small brands or entrepreneurs by email and let them know about your services.


This is a numbers game and it only works if you persist. In other words, you can’t expect this method to work after just one or two messages. You need to keep applying the process until you receive a response.

3. Use Auto Refresh Extension

This was one of the best pieces of advice I received regarding how to get the first order on Fiverr. Buyers are more likely to message sellers when they see them online. However, Fiverr now logs you out of the platform or stops showing you as being “online” when you are not browsing the site.

Auto Refresh is a free chrome extension that keeps your Fiverr tab open and lets buyers know that you are online. Trust me, this means that you will receive more messages.

4. Check Out Quora

Are you familiar with Quora? You know, post a question of any kind and have some random Joe answer it?

But why would random Joe answer it?

You see, Quora users give you answers in exchange for publicity. If you establish yourself on Quora as someone who answers questions about a topic, people will eventually check out your Quora profile to see what you do. Also, it’s possible to drop links to your gigs in these answers but for the love of God – keep it relevant!

5. Customer Service

I keep telling new sellers that customer service is the most influential factor when it comes to getting your first order on Fiverr. That is, when you finally exchange messages with a potential buyer, this is an opportunity to make the sale.

Moral of the story: Be honest, be transparent, be friendly and show interest.

What Not to Do to Get Your First Order

You will hear many sellers advising that you should buy your own gigs, exchange reviews with other sellers or create multiple profiles. Honestly, this is terrible advice.

Stick to the Fiverr way and demonstrate that you are worth of the traffic. After all, if Fiverr love your profile, they are more likely to put you in front of more people.

And that’s it – my advice on how to get first order Fiverr. I hope you found some value in my post and please do let me know in the comments about your experience on Fiverr! 


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