How to Choose a Catchy Title for an Article

Catchy Title

When customers contact me about my content writing service, they will often have a catchy title for an article ready to go. However, this title is not always suitable for the subject at hand. With this in mind, these are the obvious basic requirements when it comes to choosing a catchy title for an article:

Choose a catchy article that makes sense

– Title must contain the keyword of the article

– The title should explain the general content of the article

– Most often, the title should also outline what the reader will gain from reading the article.

Make sense before choosing a keyword

In the case of this short post, the keyword in question is “Catchy title for an article” while the long tail keyword (phrase) is “How to choose a catchy title for an article”.

Note how the title is not simply to use a particular keyword. Instead, the title is designed to explain the nature of the article first, with a keyword incorporated afterward.

scrabble game with Pinterest as the word

How to check if you have chosen a catchy title

Well, this one is a little tricky. As someone with a deep interest in new media and online marketing techniques, I believe the current industry is a little too rigid. That is to say; I already know that the current tactics or methods being used in digital marketing are certain to appear outrageously bland within the next two years.

For example, we can expect to see a complete disdain for titles such as “5 Things to do in X” and as a result, search engines will use their algorithms to detract from the ranking of these articles.

For this reason, I suggest taking the results of the following tools with a pinch of salt. Instead, use common sense to decide as to whether the title makes sense and seems worth reading.

What SEO tools can you use to choose and check a title?

Easy. Use the following two links which are entirely free and an effective means of checking as to whether a title is catchy:

MOZ Title/Tag Checker – Using this simple tool you can clearly see how the title will appear on search engines.
Sharethrough Headline Score – As you will see, this quickly rates the effectiveness of your catchy title.

Again, I cannot stress the importance of authenticity and simplicity when it comes to choosing a catchy title for an article. After all, any title can appear clever when writing an article but you need to give people a solid reason to be there reading it in the first place.
Thank you for reading, and if you do not have the time to write your own content, I can help you get ahead with my content writing service using the absolute power of words.

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