Who to Watch on Twitter During the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork takes place on November 15 and Twitter is certain to erupt as this contentious battles gets underway

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork is set to be one of the most nerve-ending days in the short history of the cryptocurrency. As you may know, a hard fork is taking place in which the blockchain is being split into two separate camps – Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.

The hard fork is set to take place at 4.40pm UTC on November 15 and debate is raging as to who will come out on top. In other words, one of these two blockchains is expected to dominate as the cryptocurrency markets watch the battle unfold.

Who to Watch During the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

In case you might be asking yourself, Bitcoin ABC is the name given to the developers of the first chain, while Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision is led by research company nChain.

Simply put, miners will use their hash power on one of these two chains, as investors decide which coins to back and which coins to sell.

Needless to say, everything is up in the air at this point but one thing is certain, there will be fireworks shortly after the BCH hard fork.

As you may also know, Bitcoin SV had stated in recent days that they intend to take down their opposing chain which only fuels the fire more and promises for an interesting day tomorrow.

Here’s the main characters to follow on Twitter as the Bitcoin Cash hard fork unfolds:

Bitcoin SV Developer Team


Craig Wright @ProfFaustus – Chief Scientist for nChain


Jimmy Nguyen @JimmyWinMedia – CEO of nChain

Calvin Ayre @CalvinAyre – Founder of CoinGeek

Also Watch during the BCH Hard Fork

Cobra @CobraBitcoin – Co-owner of bitcoin.org

Eli Afram @justicemate – Founder of Bitcoin Cash Australia

Bitcoin ABC Developer Team

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Roger Ver @rogerkver – Bitcoin investor since 2012

Amaury Séchet @deadalnix – Lead Developer

Ryan X Charles @ryanxcharles – Head of Online Tool Money Button

Chris Pacia @ChrisPacia – OpenBazaar Lead Developer

Jihan Wu (@JihanWu) – Co-Founder of Bitmain Mining

What Will Happen with the BCH Hard Fork?

Well, it’s anyone’s guess now. At first, it seemed as though Bitcoin ABC would come out on top with little trouble. However, Craig Wright has revealed that Bitcoin SV has most of the BCH hash rate which gives them a clear advantage in what is now a highly critical race.

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