Can You Believe These 12 Things Didn’t Exist in 2005?

Whats APP

Can you believe some of the things that didn’t exist in 2005?

Let’s face it; the world is changing a lot faster than any of us would like. It’s true and even though some of these changes are more than just significant, it’s only when we look back that this significance is noticed.

With this in mind, I wanted to write about some things that did not exist just a “short” time ago. Needless to say, these are obvious things but at the same time, it’s strange to think that none of this existed for most of the previous decade.

12 Things That Didn’t Exist in 2005

Things didnt exist in 2005


Eminem is one of many celebrities who have admitted to using Tinder in recent years. That being said, online dating is no longer taboo and most people are more than happy to admit that this social dating app is a fixture in their lives. Sure, there are many things wrong with Tinder (It’s mostly based on looks) but sometimes we all just feel the need to log on and use the swipe left feature to declutter our lives.



I went to a fancy dress party recently and got chatting to a random guy about something or other. Midway through the conversation, I felt compelled to ask him about his costume. You see, it was Halloween, everyone was dressed up and this guys was wearing jeans and a shirt. In other words, he was wearing what looked like his normal clothing.

Anyway, the guys responds “I’m an UBER driver”….and he was too. I personally think the world is a better and more colourful place with these UBER guys and gals around!



Any tech enthusiast will know the importance of this one but in case you might be asking yourself, 4G is a communication standard that was created to replace 3G. Simply put, this allowed for much higher internet speeds when it comes to wireless networks. Slightly boring but, thank you all the same!



I was uploading videos to YouTube back in 2006 and only wish that I had to foresight to continue doing so. Regardless, this is now a staple in the lives of most people and the most fascinating rabbit hole that I ever did see. YouTube was founded in 2006.

Whats APP

Whats App

Did you know that Jan Koum, the founder of Whats App, was born into poverty? Although born in Kiev back in 1976, he emigrated with his family to California in the mid 1980’s. In his spare time, Jan studied computers and was eventually taken on by Yahoo as a programmer. However, tired of his conventional role, Jan Koum developed a free messaging app and guess what; Facebook bought this app for $19 billion in 2016.



I often wonder if less and less people are reading books, now that the internet is here. The truth is, I mostly avoid looking this up out of fear that the statistic will be too depressing. Anyway, the Kindle is super convenient and completely changed the game as far as reading is concerned. What’s more, Kindle publishing has opened up the book industry so that anyone can now publish a book – a great thing, if you ask me!

Steve Jobs


I have to say, the iPhone is something I would like to have. Unfortunately, it’s out of my budget and I found the short battery lifespan extremely frustrating. There was no iPhone back in 2005 but then again, there was nothing worth using on a smartphone back then either!



I’m not sure how long these guys will be around as I have a sneaky suspicion that regulators have their eye on AirBNB. In other words, the company is hugely disruptive for the industry and too many big wigs are out of pocket because of it. Anyway, there was nothing like Air BNB back in 2005.



I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk and pretty sure he came up with the concept of Tesla when he was a child. Many hotshots in the industry gave him no chance of succeeding with this project but look at Tesla now, they are absolutely firing! As for the underground network he wants to build in Los Angeles, I really believe that he will pull it off!

Space X

Space X

While we are on the subject, have you been paying attention to Space X? These guys are doing incredible things. For example, just recently, they managed to launch a rocket and then bring it straight back down before landing it perfectly upright again. While I hope that the rumours of President Donald Trump’s “Space Force” are false, I have faith in Space X.

Bitcoin Breaks Out


Interestingly, talk about Bitcoin is still quite a controversial topic. That is to say, in spite of massive support and a very relevant use-case, the general public seems unwilling to take it serious. At the same time, the media doesn’t help matters as it continues to slam the cryptocurrency at every opportunity. But why would they do that? Interesting question!



To be honest, I’m amazed that people still watch television these days. I mean, aside from the odd show on HBO, is there anything worth watching on there? As for Netflix, they have even taken over Shark Tank and one of my personal favourites – the Office. You’ve go to admit, life would be very different without Netflix at our fingertips.

What did I miss? Know of something else that didn’t exist in 2005? Let me know in the comments!


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