DIE HARD: 7 Actors Who Turned Down the Part of John McClane

Die Hard Bruce Willis

Ho ho ho, he’s got a machine gun – can you believe that Sylvester Stallone was offered the role of John McClaine? It’s true, Bruce Willis was nowhere near the first choice to feature in Die Hard!

By the way, Die Hard 6 was confirmed recently and what we know is that the movie is a prequel sequel called “McClane”. In other words, the movie will explore John McClain in his twenties when he was a rookie NYPD cop but it switches back and forth with Willis featuring as a 60 year old McClane.

Anyway, here’s ten actors who were offered the role of John McClane before Bruce Willis:

7 Actors Who Turned Down the Part of John McClane in Die Hard

Sly Stallone

1. Sylvester Stallone – Rambo, Rocky & Cliffhanger

2. Harrison Ford – Star Wars, the Fugitive & Indiana Jones

Robert De Niro

3. Robert De Niro – Goodfellas, Cape Fear and the Godfather

Burt Reynolds

4. Burt Reynolds – Deliverance, Boogie Nights, Smokey and the Bandit


Mel Gibson

5. Mel Gibson – Braveheart, Lethal Weapon & Apocalypto

6. Don Johnson – Miami Vice, Dead Bang & the Long Hot Summer

Nick Nolte

7. Nick Nolte – 48 Hours, Lorenzo’s Oil & Cape Fear

One more just for gigs…..

Richard Gere

8. – Richard Gere – Pretty Woman & American Gigalo

But wait, you know what else is mad about the movie?
The original script for the movie was owned by Frank Sinatra. This meant that he could have played a role in Die Hard had he wanted too….but I know, it never happened!


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