10 Things That I Fecking Hate About Christmas

Sorry.....not sorry!


I fecking love Christmas but let’s face it, there’s so much to hate about this time of year. In fact, for many people, this is a downright awful and depressing “holiday”!

Anyway, here’s ten things that I fecking hate about Christmas:

10 Things That I Fecking Hate About Christmas

Santa Early

1. Christmas Starts Too Early

I think we can all agree that Christmas should happen at Christmas.

Waking Up

2. Waking Up After the Christmas Work Party

Actually, there is something worse – the morning after your Christmas work party. Even if you did nothing wrong, there’s at least something that a co-worker said or did that leaves you with nothing but cringe inducing memories.

Christmas Drinks

3. Keeping Up Appearances

“We must get together over Christmas”…

I love meeting up with friends and family at Christmas but really, keeping up appearances with anyone outside this circle is just stressful. Where is everyone between January and November when I have nothing else to do?

4. Shopping Malls that Think They’re in Hawaai

Why do shopping malls insist on ramping up the heat at Christmas? I know that Starbucks does this with their air conditioning to get Wi-Fi abusers out but surely the shopping malls want people to stay? Anyway, it just pisses me off!

5. Choosing Presents for People Who Don’t Know What they Want

Let’s be honest, how can you be expected to pick out a Christmas present for someone when most people don’t even know what they want themselves?

6. Avoiding Your Bank Balance

If you’re like me, you avoid checking your bank balance in hope that there just might be enough in there to get you through. I mean, is there anything worse than watching your money disappear one roast beef sandwich at a time?

7. Christmas is a Time When the Past Creeps Up Real Quick

Maybe you lost a friend or family member to illness or maybe you broke up with someone recently. Either way, Christmas is a time when unnecessary thoughts can force their way into what what should be a time of peace and happiness for all.

Set of cute Christmas cupcakes

8. Health Goes Out the Window

After the 12 pubs of Christmas, turkey, ham, endless chocolates and exactly zero exercise, the aftermath of Christmas can be quite a sobering reality!


9. Christmas is More About Feeling Pressured than Feeling Grateful

Another pet peeve about “my favourite holiday” (yes really, but more on that later) is that with every year, Christmas becomes less and less about goodwill, family and everything it’s supposed to symbolize. In other words, Xmas is overly commercialized and for many people, more about feeling pressured to buy presents than feeling grateful for what they already have in their lives.

10. Working Xmas Eve or the Day after Xmas or the Day…

I don’t get it; Christmas is a “holiday” to spend time with family and friends yet we have to work for most of Christmas week. No wonder it’s an anti-climax for some.

Companies who care about their staff should give them the entire week off.

And feck the repercussions – family first, right?

In case you might be thinking that I’m a miserable so and so, here’s 10 Things I Fecking LOVE about Christmas!


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