10 Things That I Fecking Love About Christmas (That You Might Too)

Sorry.....not sorry!

Things i love about xmas
Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and although there are many things I hate about Christmas too, the good will always outweigh the bad !
Here’s ten things I fecking love about Christmas:

10 Things That I Fecking Love About Christmas


1. Watching Movies with the Family

I love sitting down with the family for all the classics at Christmas. For me it’s Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and It’s a Wonderful Life!

Mr Bean Chrismtas

2. Mr Bean…with the Kids

I used to love Mr Bean as a kid but there’s something about Christmas that makes me love him even more. I think this has something to do with how funny my nephews find him but either way, I love watching Mr Bean at Christmas!

3. Reminiscing About the Good Ol’ Days

It’s true that nostalgia can be somewhat depressing and always in the air at Christmas time. But how we interpret this nostalgia is usually down to perspective and often a matter of choice. In other words, Christmas is a great time to reminisce about the great things that happen in life!

4. Feeling Grateful….for Online Shopping

I’m still confused as to why so many people insist on crowding the shopping malls at Christmas. You can pick up the same items at a lesser price online. Sick of rushing around hot and stick malls at the last minute?

No need to do this anymore!

home alone

5. Raiding the Fridge After a Night Out

Let’s be honest, sometimes he best thing in the world is coming home from a night out and raiding the fridge as if Christmas is over….

bad santa

6. The Sense of Goodwill

I do think that Christmas has become far too commercialized and much of the

However, there is still that overpowering sense of goodwill at this time of year. I know that when I walk past a homeless person, I’m much more likely to pay attention.

7. The Cold Weather

Is there anything that feels more cozy than sitting indoors with the wind howling outside? More than stepping inside a warm pub just as the cold is getting too much? More than sipping on a mullled wine at Christmas markets and knowing that the cold will never breach your winter jacket? You know, Christmas is not the same in the sun and those who say any different, don’t know what they’re missing!


8. Christmas Jumpers (AKA Sweaters)

In recent years, I’ve read so many articles that give Christmas sweaters a right bashing. I just don’t get it. They’re warm, snug, comfy and fun….what am I missing here? Christmas Jumpers are the best!

9. Christmas is am Opportunity to Reach Out

For many people, Christmas is quite a lonely and depressing time. It’s awful to think about but it also serves as a reminder to be grateful. More specifically, it’s an opportunity to reach out and be a shining light for someone who maybe needs one….

10. Christmas is a Time to Take Out the Trash

What habits do you want to change? What big moves do you want to make in the new year? I think Christmas is a great time to leave all the junk from last year in the past and start thinking about the bright, bright year you can head in 2019….

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