How to Drastically Improve Your Fiverr Messages to Buyers

Improve Fiverr Messages

Need to improve your Fiverr messages? Let me help you with that.

Honestly, most Fiverr sellers are completely unaware that customer service is key to becoming a top rated seller. In fact, I would say this was 50% of the reason as to why I managed to reach this milestone last year.

With this in mind, I wanted to give a quick tip to sellers for when they receive messages from first time buyers. It has to do with

How to Improve the Way You Message Buyers on Fiverr

Firstly, you should always thank the customer for getting in touch:

“Thank you for your message” or “Thank you for getting in touch”.

If the customer seems a little more casual, you might change this to the following:

“Many thanks for the message”.

Writing the Body of a Message

It should also go without saying that the body of your message is important. If you respond to a request with a one-liner, you can be sure to lose the sale. On the other hand, if you write a meaningful message, you will almost certainly receive a second message and that my friends, is game on!

But how do you write a meaningful message?

Think of it like a complaint. When I was trained as the complaints co-ordinator for a large investment bank, we were told to follow four simple steps with customers:

  1. Listen (Just listen and do not interrupt)
  2. Acknowledge (Repeat the main points of the complaint back to the customer)
  3. Empathize (Acknowledge how they might be feeling)
  4. Offer a solution or tell them why they are wrong.

If we translate these rules to messaging on Fiverr, they could read as follows:

  1. Read the message in full.
  2. Repeat back to the customer in detail that you can/cannot perform their task.
  3. Assure the customer that you are a good fit for the project.
  4. Ask any questions that might help you complete the task.

Now: let’s get to the best way to sign off your message.

Love always wins in your Fiverr Messages
Love always wins in your Fiverr Messages

Kind Regards Vs. Best Regards

Simply put, if you write a beautifully detailed message to a customer, you should not be signing off this message with the word “thanks”. Why not? it’s far too generic.

What about “sincerely”? it’s far too formal.

“Cheers”? Never, ever use this word on Fiverr – it’s lazy.

But then what should you use instead?

“Kind regards” and “Best Regards” are the two best options for signing off your messages on Fiverr. Both of these create a good first impression and retain a somewhat neutral stance in terms of your attitude.

**In my own experience working with Fiverr sellers in the past, first impressions are most often bad due to pure laziness.

But When Should You Use Best Regards or Kind Regards?

Signing Off With “Best Regards”

“Best regards” is the least formal and a friendly or safe was to sign off messages on Fiverr. As already mentioned, it remains neutral but still manages to command some respect. I will often use this sign off in the following scenarios:

  • Messaging regular customers
  • Communicating with buyers who have messaged previously
  • Messaging other Fiverr sellers
  • When a buyer comes across as super casual

As an alternative, I also sometimes use the following:

  • Many thanks
  • All the best
  • I will be back to you with XX shortly

Signing Off With “Kind Regards”

Kind regards” is much more formal and the best way to sign off to someone who seems strictly professional. It communicates respect and still seeks to create a relationship. I will often use this sign off in the following scenarios:

  • When cold-contacting previous customers
  • In the early stages of messaging new buyers
  • Messaging professional customers
  • When I’m not sure which sign off to use

Moral of the story: As a rule, try to use either “Best Regards” or “Kind regards” with each customer. If in doubt, use the latter of these two and try to match the tone of the buyer with whom you are messaging.


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