Why Changes to the Fiverr Review System Don’t Really Matter

Fiverr Review System

I was reading a thread on the Fiverr forum recently about the new review system. As usual, quite a few sellers were upset about some recent changes. However, as a Fiverr seller myself, I also know that many sellers tend to over-react.

In this post, I want to touch on this issue before talking about the actual changes that have taken place in the Fiverr review system.

Changes to the Fiverr Review System

The person who raised this issue on the forum was upset that the total number of sales was no longer visible on the gig screen. In other words, the gigs were now showing the number of gigs from a particular period as opposed to all time. For this reason, buyers only see a small portion of these numbers which can make new sellers look as though they are in fact, the “best” sellers. Make sense?

Fiverr Review System Changes

As you can see above, the third seller has 4 reviews which makes them look like the most in demand seller and some might say, the best seller. But these numbers were only representative of the previous 60 days as opposed to all time.

Hence, why long time sellers were upset with the changes to the Fiverr review system.

Are These Changes “Fair” to Fiverr Sellers?

Is this fair on Fiverr sellers? Will buyers simply click on the highest number and never even come across the lifetime reviews in another sellers portfolio?

Well, maybe and maybe not.

As far as I know, this was a test by Fiverr and not something that actually went ahead. In fact, if you perform a search on Fiverr, you should see that lifetime reviews are still showing.

Actual Changes to the Fiverr Review System

However, there were some recent changes to the Fiverr review system. From now on, Fiverr sellers are not allowed to ask for a specific rating from their clients ie. 5-Star Review.

As you may know, the old review system enabled many sellers to get ahead. That is to say, they could ask and beg and plead and do everything possible to ensure a 5-star review to maintain their rating.

But now: Fiverr has changed the system so that the buyer leaves a review but the seller is unable to see the review until they leave one too.

What does this mean for the seller?

Well, the seller has no way to ensure that the review is positive, never mind 5-Stars. For anyone who uses Upwork, you will recognize this review system – it’s the very same.

And guess what, many Fiverr sellers are upset about this too!

What Can You Do About the New Fiverr Rating System

You know, in my opinion, the old review system was a sham. I made the most of it, of course, but for Fiverr to be respected, it needed to change.


  • No more whiny sellers begging for 5 stars
  • More authentic and realistic gig ratings
  • Less cancellations

And that last one, is a big one. After all, the main reason sellers offer a cancellation is because the customer is not happy. More specifically, the seller does not want to damage their rating so they offer a cancellation and lose out on the payment.

Now, sellers can take the payment and not have to worry about receiving a negative review. In case you might be wondering, this is because if a seller does not review client in return, nobody will ever see this same review.

Let’s be honest; it makes perfect sense.

Fiverr Review


Anyway, does it really matter?

I mean, Fiverr makes the rules and does a pretty awesome job at finding sellers the business. To be honest, I sometimes suspect that the sellers who complain are simply not getting enough sales. And when this happens, it’s usually a case that the seller is not willing to put in the work. Just saying.

The truth is, I am also directly affected and impacted by these changes. There are also certain factors which have put me at a slight disadvantage in recent months. And if I had it my way, Fiverr would leave everything the way it is and never change it, ever.

In my opinion, we really need to just embrace whatever happens. After all, Fiverr makes decisions that will benefit the platform and in turn, we should certainly benefit from their efforts.

I know what I think, but are you cool with that?


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